Equine Trainer and Behaviourist

Trudi is an equine trainer and behavioural consultant (CHBC) developing horse/human partnerships, based in South West England.

Trudi Dempsey equine training behaviour, building better partnerships

Experienced in training clients from diverse backgrounds Trudi offers advice on your equine management, handling and training systems. With years of experience in classical dressage Trudi can create a programme of gymnastic training that will refine your horse’s physical and emotional balance both on the ground and  ridden.

Discover the benefits of positive reinforcement and develop your understanding of equine behaviour using  minimally invasive techniques.
When your partnership is harmonious the rest follows…hacking (on foot or on board), dressage (in-hand or ridden) or any path you take will be more fulfilling once you have a partnership based on understanding and trust.
Learn why dressage movements can develop correct balance and suppleness and how to apply those movements with lightness and finesse. There is no horse of any shape or breed that cannot benefit from the fundamental gymnastic principles of dressage.

Looking for the right coach?

Trudi Dempsey Equine Trainer and Coach

Are you searching for an empathetic and non-judgemental equestrian trainer to help you with riding or handling your horse?

Trudi offers a holistic mind and body approach to riding and horse behaviour using force-free methods.

The goal is the well-being of your horse human relationship working with you and your horse to become a great team whether you’re a happy hacker or a competitor.

Want to stop unwanted behaviour?

Trudi Dempsey Equine behaviourist and trainer
For many years Trudi has been successfully applying the science of learning and behaviour, she is a certified equine behaviourist and experienced equine trainer.

Trudi uses positive and pragmatic methods to suit both the horse and human. Punishment and force have no place in her work.

Trudi will visit you to discuss any worrying behaviour, creating easy to follow plans to help your horse better adapt to its environment. No need to feel alone and frustrated – you will be fully supported throughout the process.

Many problems can be solved by changing environment and management but more complex long standing issues may require a multifaceted approach over a longer period.

Riding in balance and lightness

gymnastic dressage training with Trudi Dempsey

Using gymnastic dressage techniques based on classical dressage principles Trudi will help you create a posture that allows the horse to move unrestrained and able to show their natural brilliance.

Gain confidence in your skills and understand the way your position impacts the way your horse moves.

From transitions to the mysteries of lateral work break everything down into small elements that make it easier for you and your horse to progress in balance and lightness.

More on Classical Dressage

Dressage Training

Dressage Training Trudi Dempsey

As well as improving your horse’s behaviour issues,  Trudi can help you create the balanced and relaxed riding horse you want by using gentle gymnastic training exercises based on classical baroque dressage techniques. With a bespoke riding and handling training plan Trudi will enhance your knowledge, skills and confidence. You and your horse becoming perfect partners in whatever you choose to do together.

Gentle gymnastic training exercises based on classical baroque dressage techniques both ridden and in-hand will improve your horse’s balance and suppleness for any discipline. Simple exercises will demystify dressage movements and encourage progress in a logical and systematic way.