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Balance part 1  – An  Introduction Exploring the theme of equestrian balance.

Balance Part 1

Balance part 2 – Emotional Balance – Extending the balance theme.

Balance Part 2

Balance part 3 – Physical Balance – Classical training to improve balance.Balance Part 3

What is Classical Dressage?  – Baroque dressage in a nutshell, originally written for Interdressage.

What is Classical Dressage

Seeking Connection – Contact or Connection, originally written for competitors in the Baroque classes at Interdressage.Seeking Connection


Contact 1 – What’s in a definition – How do we define contact, that intimate connection?

Contact Part 1

Contact 2- At the end of the rein – Back to front gymnastic training.

Contact Part 2

In conversation with – Trudi answers questions she often gets asked.

In conversation with