Live Coaching

  • In-hand gymnastic training, suitable for all horses and humans, based on classical dressage techniques
  • Rehab in-hand/lunging for your horse at your yard
  • Ridden gymnastic training that will improve your horse’s balance and suppleness
  • Rider coaching to improve skills so that you and your horse can be better partners
  • All coaching and training considers the horse’s natural (innate) behaviour and cognitive abilities.
  • Instructor and care/custody and control insurance provided by Shearwater Insurance Services.

All coaching sessions are backed up with a short email report and ongoing support. A discount of 20% is available for charities.
Talks, demonstrations and clinics charged at ½ or full day rates.

Travel at further than 10 miles from TA13 5LQ charged at 45p per mile.

Distance Training

Behaviour Consultations

Qualified Equine Behaviourist working under veterinary referral and using minimally aversive techniques to modify unwanted behaviour by determining underlying causes which are often management and training based.
Private consultation £125 includes initial history taking, obtaining vet referral plus visit of 2 to 3 hours to assess problem behaviour. The consultation also includes behaviour modification plans, behaviour information documents plus ongoing email support for one month. Full written report following a consultation please add £25.
Equine cognitive behaviourist insurance provided by Balens.

Ongoing behaviour training –  individual sessions from £35

Travel at further than 10 miles from TA13 5LQ charged at 45p per mile.

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