Dressage Jean Licart



I bought this flimsy looking book at a show in Limoges purely to practice my dressage terminology in French. Little did I know what lay between its covers!
The Commandant (past rider of the Cadre Noir) writes a manuscript for his son to follow with a young horse a particularly difficult mare of 4 years). From general thoughts on training and starting a young horse in its first balance to collection and perfectionment (I know, not commonly used in English but an Anglo/French word that works so well!) the book is full of great truths and insights.
From the opening words of the Introduction-
‘A jeune cheval vieux cavalier’ dit un proverbe arabe / ‘a young horse, old horseman’ says a well known Arab proverb.
– to the final paragraph:
‘Le rassembler et la légèreté sont caractéristiques essentielles de l’equitation supérieure, savante, et de la haute école.’ / Collection (I love rassembler though) and lightness are essential characteristics of superior equitation, classical and high school.
I felt completely at home even without first fully understanding the nuances of these truths in another language. The work is supplemented with the Commandant’s drawings, penned under the pseudonym Tracil (Licart in reverse!).

I intend to share some regular pickings from the book which, unfortunately, seems not to have an English translation.





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