A New Start


It’s been a long time coming but we’re now live with my web site and this new blog. I hope that my old followers will excuse the long break and understand why I’ve been too busy to update my old blog.

You can find my website here and there will be monthly blog updates here on WordPress from now on.

Yours Trudi

4 Replies to “A New Start”

  1. Awesome blog post! I think that the absolute foundation of training has to be trust. All learning involves a measure of pressure, and ‘risk taking’, even the most positive of learning environments involves the horse ‘taking a risk’ and trying a new behavior. It is so important in my opinion, that we really take time to build up that bond of trust, so that the horse feels comfortable trying new things, and taking that risk, and is able to offer new behaviors without fear of being ‘told off’.

    There’s so many points you have made in this post that will make for amazing discussion. really looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts Trudi!

    1. Absolutely Ash, I have to admit though that I was getting stuck a while back trying to create the ‘perfect’ learning environment! I have come to accept that if you do your best to create the trust then some errors during the encouragement of risk taking are acceptable…it’s a minefield LOL

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