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Behaviour consultations

Unwanted behaviour might damage human/equine relationships but can often be resolved by improving living environments and general handling techniques. After taking a detailed history and obtaining veterinary consent, Trudi will visit you and your horse to determine possible causes, leaving you with behaviour modification plans to work on. Support with further training while you adopt the modification plans is available. Telephone and email support is available throughout this process and is included in the price of the initial consultation.

Avoiding aversive (unpleasant or punishing) techniques and using the ethical LIMA approach enables horses to have more control and choice in their training which in turn allows them to become more relaxed and able to problem solve in their daily lives. Trust and confidence is improved using simple behavioural techniques and an individual planned approach.

Increase the behaviour you would like from your horse using proven techniques based on equine learning theory and ethology. This involves the principles of habituation, desensitisation, counter conditioning, operant conditioning and shaping- practical solutions to changing behaviour.

After your initial consultation supporting information and behaviour modification plans along with a resume of the visit will be emailed. A full written report can be purchased separately. Expect the initial consultation to last at least 2 hours; although Trudi always allow for more time should it be needed.

Some of the problems that can be addressed but not limited to:

Behaviour Clinics

A single day or week-end clinic is the perfect way to learn more about the science of equine learning and behaviour. For equestrian centres, clubs or smaller private groups with a suitable venue I can host behaviour clinics and topic specific clinics such as clicker training and positive reinforcement. Somewhere undercover for our discussions and breaks plus a suitable space to work with horses is all that’s required, if you have a suitable group and venue contact Trudi to arrange a date and discuss specific details.

Behaviour Demos and Workshops

Want to know why your horse behaves the way they do or just want to know more about improving behaviour using force free methods? For groups of 5 upwards Trudi can demonstrate the techniques used with a chance to discuss things in depth and try some of the methods for yourself- at suitable venues bringing your own horse along to learn together.

Continual Professional Development and Staff (CPD) Training

Trudi regularly work with teachers and coaches committed to expanding their knowledge of current behaviour improvement techniques.
Operate an equestrian business? Are you an equine trainer or charity? Help change perceptions with the latest science backed methods of training horses-workshops and CPD to support you and/or your staff and clients.


For riding clubs and equine groups Trudi proposes informal, engaging talks covering a wide range of topics. Talks can be combined with demos and clinics.

Trudi is a Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant with the IAABC and is insured to work as a behavioural therapist and freelance instructor.

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