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Video analysis

Online equine training modules and video assessments are perfect for keeping you on track and for learning or perfecting behaviour.

Training your horse can be a lonely task if you don’t have help on-hand; a pair of eyes on the ground or supportive word of encouragement from a trusted friend. It can be frustrating to know something is wrong but not be able to pinpoint exactly what. It’s easy to lose your way without some kind of structure to your training and very quickly your enthusiasm wanes.

Trudi has been providing video assessment to online students and judging online dressage competitions for a number of years now and has found it to be an extremely effective tool. Combining her judge’s, trainer’s and behaviourist’s eye enables her to offer you insightful and supportive advice.

Video feedback is a great way to get a detailed assessment of your work together with useful tips and exercises to help you progress. The opportunity to watch and re-watch your work alongside your feedback is a powerful way to learn.

Video assessment is equally effective when used as a standalone to give a snapshot on current training issues or as part of a structured online training programme.

In-hand, ridden, clicker training and bitless guidance offered.

Bespoke online training courses

A course individually tailored to suit your needs. After taking a full history Trudi will design a short course specific to your requirements including:

Topics could include (although not limited to):

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