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Creative Equine Training offers coaching to humans and horses in person and online. Using gymnastic dressage training to improve physical balance, evidence based techniques to improve behaviour and creating a real force for change.


Improve your confidence and that of your horse over a clearly defined path taught at your own pace. Transform your equine relationship using practical exercises that encourage and develop better balance and suppleness.

Creative Equine Training offers:

Training can be in person and online- or a combination of both. Every training session is backed up by a bulletin, delivered by email, outlining the elements covered in the lesson and a training plan to support you until your next session.


From half days to week-ends a clinic is the perfect way to learn, enjoy your own lesson and then consolidate it watching other participants. Clinics focus on classical dressage, behaviour improvement, bitless training, clicker training or a blend of them all.


Want to dip your toe in before a lesson and find out more? Want to know more about training and behaviour using force free methods? For groups of 5 upwards see the techniques demonstrated with a chance to discuss things in depth and try some of the methods for yourself.

Coaching the Coach

Trudi regularly works with teachers and coaches who are committed to expanding their knowledge of classical dressage or current behavioural improvement techniques.

Operate an equestrian business, an equine trainer or charity? Let Trudi help you change perceptions with the latest science backed methods of training horses – workshops and CPD to support you and/or your staff and clients.

For riding clubs and other equine groups Trudi proposes informal talks covering all topics that she offers in her training services. These talks can be combined with demos and clinics.

New students will be asked to complete a comprehensive history form to enable Trudi to understand their exact needs and then deliver a customised course of training specific to them.

Trudi has freelance instructor and behaviour therapist liability insurance cover with Shearwater Insurance. 

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