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After a lifetime spent around horses and more than 20 years working with students around the world Trudi is able to offer a unique blend of coaching through Creative Equine Training.

Having suffered the setbacks and frustrations of using more forceful and often stressful traditional methods of training, Trudi undertook a voyage of discovery to combine ethology, equine learning and gymnastic training in one creative package for handlers and riders. 

The emphasis is not on fixed methods or paths that must be strictly adhered to but on creating a well-rounded approach tailored to each individual partnership of horse and human.

Trudi guides and encourages the creation of an amazing partnership with your horse in the belief that we can all benefit from a training ethos that is horse-centric. All kinds of riders and horses, particularly those who have lost their confidence and motivation, can benefit from Creative Equine Training. Together you can create a new trust and empathy with your horse.

Trudi’s Journey

Aged 7 Trudi’s first pony taught her an important lesson in taking three weeks’ of precious summer holiday to catch – quickly teaching her that getting upset, angry and impatient gets you nowhere. Nutty very much had the measure of her but those lessons in patience and respect would come in handy- he would not be the last to bring her down to earth with a bump!

In the 1990’s and training as an understudy with Penny Hillsdon’s (GP rider and writer) ‘Dressage for All’ group Trudi took on her first classical dressage clients.

Later Trudi continued her competitive and classical dressage education with Inger Bryant, List 1 judge and coach, who inspired her to train as a judge with British Dressage. Trudi often found herself at odds with the system and with human nature in the competition arena and retired from competitive riding.

Continuing her professional development Trudi qualified with the Natural Animal Centre as an Equine Behaviourist and, in preparation for working as a behaviourist, undertook a mentorship in Horse Behaviour Consulting at the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants).

Since the late 90’s Trudi has successfully used positive reinforcement methods (including clicker training) and is an experienced in-hand trainer (dressage and horsemanship) specialising in bitless training.
Qualifying as an equine behaviourist and becoming certified by the IAABC allowed Trudi to add expand her skill base, teaching  methods that never resort to aggressive or forceful tactics. Imagine being able to train your horse without fear or frustration and the doors that could open in your relationship with your horse!
In 2012 Trudi created classical dressage tests for the forward thinking Interdressage . Creating the Baroque tests and judging them online allowed her to see the potential for everyday training. Giving feedback on dozens of competitor videos monthly Trudi is experienced in giving video feedback. Students, wherever they are in the world, can receive dynamic, intuitive feedback and cleverly tailored training modules.

My Training Philosophy

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